Case Studies

nimble is quick

Nimble is [QUICK].


Talk about answering the call of duty. It's 7:00pm on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. One of our sales reps gets a phone call from a client, a national retailer. They need 250,000 offset-printed promotional flyers, boxed, shipped, and in 700 locations. On Black Friday. With the proofs approved at midnight, we go to work – and we deliver. Within twenty-four hours, the flyers are making their way to stores all over the country. Our clients have confidence we'll make their deadlines. We have to. This is their brand.

nimble is clever

Nimble is [CLEVER].

Pulping Iron

A national retailer wanted to employ magnetic in-store displays – and they called us to help them do it. Their goals were to eliminate costly vinyl substrates, allow for easier installation, decreased time to market and to facilitate more cost-effective shipping. They encountered some problems along the way. Traditional magnetic backed vinyl was too costly and did not answer the call to decrease time to market. By applying iron-ore ink to the back of common paper board, we provided a solution that answered all of their objectives. We're committed to finding a better way to do things – it pushes us to try harder, think creatively, and never settle for good enough.

nimble is bold

Nimble is [BOLD].

It takes skill to print a taxi.

A department store in Manhattan needed a free-standing, life-sized reproduction of renowned illustrator Mark Tetro's pop-up taxi for an in-store display. More than just a printing job, this demanded a careful color matching (Tetro is known for his bold colors), router-cutting table-sized pieces of plastic, making sure they all fit together like a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle, and custom packaging. Ingenuity isn't about technology. It's about always being ready to try something new, no matter how big the challenge.

nimble is responsive

Nimble is [RESPONSIVE].


Being a partner means being a problem solver for our customers. For us, it's about doing whatever a job requires. A client needs engraved stones at the last minute for an upcoming management meeting? We'll source them. In fact, over the years, we've tracked down everything from homemade wooden boxes to ribbons, from flags to specific color of raffia. More than an ability to handle projects of any scope or size, it's a willingness to go beyond and to find the best solution to your particular problem that makes us a custom shop.

nimble is innovative

Nimble is [INNOVATIVE].


Anybody can put ink on paper. We see our role as helping clients develop marketing tools. For example, freestanding displays in grocery stores are typically expensive and complicated to set up, often requiring multiple employees and lots of time. So when a grocery chain asked us to come up with an easier way, we embraced the challenge. Rethinking the usual approach, we did away with the time-consuming internal engineering and simply used football-shaped foamcore inserts, giving them a display that could be produced easier, faster, and for half the price.