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Print Direction's clients say it best:

Honda MarineI've had a tremendous relationship with Print Direction for nearly ten years. Their service and product always exceed my expectations. They are more than just a vendor, they're truly a reliable partner.

- Steve Drenkard, Honda Marine
Snowden TatarskiThis is not the easiest time in the agriculture business. Crop prices are low and the industry has a bit of a hangover from an unprecedented eight year party of unrivaled profit. It's a bit of a tough time on people that make their living selling machinery. Every little thing we can do for them gives them hope and strength to push on.

That happened this past Tuesday, thanks in no small part to the Print Direction team. The materials that you all worked long hours at a hurried pace to create gave a room of product specialist the tools they need to tell a good story and make a sale. More than that, it gave them something to get excited about.

While I know your team works daily against fickle budgets, looming deadlines and sparse recognition, I was not going to let the moment pass without saying with sincerity thank you very much to you and the whole Print Direction team.

You made my day. You made my friend's day. And it did make a difference.

Thank you for your partnership and friendship. It's an honor to work alongside you for what we both know is a noble pursuit.

- Jeff Snowden, Snowden Tatarski
BlimpieI would recommend Print Direction to any company looking for a quality, efficient and reliable print partner. They always are timely with my promotions and everything printed is to the highest of quality.  Edna pays excellent attention to the fine details and therefore making my job much easier.  It is that quality printing and excellent customer service that is not easy to find in a print partner.

- Mandy Andrews, Director of Marketing at Blimpie
Profitmaster Displays, Inc.It has been a pleasure working with Print Direction during 2015 and we look forward to continuing to work with you in 2016. We extend our wishes for a wonderful New Year to you and all your associates.

- Ron Beerman, Profitmaster Displays, Inc.

Cricket WirelessA big thank you to the team behind the team at PDI for all the work you put into pricing for the Holiday promotion…which I know you will execute flawlessly and professionally.

I hope I don't sound like a broken record as I have said these words in earlier emails, but I am so impressed with the way in which you support the business – always professional in manner, always going the extra mile to insure zero defects, and always communicating in a concise and timely way.

Your team should be proud of the relationship it has built with the Cricket team—the Atlanta folks look forward to the continued collaboration. Great attention to detail, so proactive, so appreciated!!

- Rhonda Wasserman, Program/Project Manager at Cricket Wireless

Your team did a really amazing job to pull all this together, and I am grateful for all the hard work! What a phenomenal job you and your team have done in response to my request. Thank you all so much, and please share my thanks with those folks working behind the scenes to accomplish this endeavor.

- Rhonda Wasserman, Program/Project Manager at Cricket Wireless
chickfilaAs a partner, Print Direction ALWAYS exceeds my expectations!

- Allison Fortune, Advertising & Campaigns at Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Print Direction is a pleasure to work with on so many of our projects at Chick-fil-A. The team at Print Direction is very thorough on each and every detail and provides a consistently high quality product.  We are always pleased with the outcome and know we can trust Print Direction with any of our printing and fulfillment needs.  Whenever it seems like we throw them a curveball and make last minute changes, they are able to rise above the challenge with a positive attitude and deliver with excellence each time.

- Beth Grant, Local Marketing at Chick-fil-A, Inc.

[The] team at PDI are an absolute blessing to work with on a regular basis. The logistical skill and ability to organize the most complex fulfillment orders are truly remarkable traits of PDI and its employees. I feel completely secure in what we are sending out into the field once it has PDI's "sign-off". This sense of security with all of our marketing materials is so helpful to have in an ever-changing environment. I would recommend PDI to anyone for their fulfillment and print services.

- Sarah Proctor, Local Marketing Contractor at Chick-fil-A, Inc.

My experience with PDI has been nothing short of amazing. Our account representative's attention to detail, responsiveness, and willingness to jump in and do whatever we need has been fantastic. It helps me sleep at night knowing Print Direction is who is responsible for our fulfillment! They make me look good in my own job.

- Mary Chambers, Advertising & Campaigns at Chick-fil-A, Inc.

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- David Salyers, Co-author of Remarkable! and Vice President at Chick-fil-A, Inc.